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From Fertility to Menopause: Part III — Beneficial Botanicals

Have you heard that black cohosh alleviates hot flashes? Or that soy (isoflavones), gingko bilboa, and ginseng help improve sex drive, memory, and other related symptoms of menopause? While Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) has long been considered the first line of defense, more and more women are turning to botanicals and dietary supplements for relief,  Continue Reading »

From Fertility to Menopause: Part II: HRT & The Change of Life

Does this sound familiar to you? It’s 2:00 a.m., and I am wide-awake. I’ve sweated right through my pajamas, and I need to change the sheets. I’m exhausted just thinking about planning tomorrow’s outfit – I’ll need at least four layers just to survive the flashes and make it through a day of work. My  Continue Reading »

From Fertility to Menopause: Phase I — Perimenopause

I just spent a long weekend with some college friends. We are all in perimenopause, which is as big of a mind shift as it is a physical transformation. From the very beginning — in junior high and high school – the emphasis on how our bodies change was all about fertility. Our teachers and  Continue Reading »