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Diminished Ovarian Reserve & How it Differs From Age-Related Infertility

Diminished ovarian reserve and age related infertility are NOT the same. Mary Smith (not her real name) recently came to the office requesting egg freezing. She was thirty years old with regular menses but no lifetime partner, and she wanted to preserve her fertility. She had heard that in one month she could store up  Continue Reading »

The Cons of Fertility Preservation

In our last blog post we discussed the pros of fertility preservation. And there are many, as technology has finally caught up with women’s desire to have it all on their own terms and at their own pace. For many women, freezing their eggs when they are young can alleviate the anxiety and urgency related  Continue Reading »

Infertility Factors: Understanding is the 1st Step to Beat the Odds

Infertility is increasingly a problem in our country. Yet the public isn’t aware of how widespread fertility issues truly are. An estimated 7-15% of the population suffers from sub-fertility. As more and more couples delay childbearing, that number may continue to rise. Well over five million children worldwide have been conceived with the help of  Continue Reading »

In Honor of National Infertility Week: Lifting the Taboo from Infertility

As a young doctor, I quickly learned that some medical conditions were considered taboo. Infertility is a one of those conditions, and couples often suffer in silence. Even though there are many online communities for chatting with others who share their diagnosis, this is often done from the privacy of their living room and under  Continue Reading »