Mini in vitro fertilization, mini stim ivfMini IVF Cycle

Minimal stim IVF will entail a baseline ultrasound on menses and then the use of pills for the next 5 days followed by 3 days of injections and then a midcycle scan. At this cycle day 11 or 12, it may be time to trigger ovulation and prepare for the IVF egg retrieval. Alternatively one more scan may be needed after 2 more days of medications. Nevertheless, as a patient you will need much less expensive injectable medications and less scans, both of which contribute to the decrease in cost.

This is geared mostly to good responders, but poor responders could try this technique as well.

Why Mini IVF?

In vitro fertilization is the process whereby the egg and sperm are fertilized IN VITRO or outside the body. The first IVF live birth was in 1978 and was done in a natural cycle, no fertility drugs were used.  Now, by convention, Fertility medications are routinely used in IVF cycles to ensure the development of several ovarian follicles, and thus in each cycle there are multiple eggs/follicles and with the sperm used, there are usually multiple embryos. This increases the odds of pregnancy since more than one embryo can be replaced, also there may be surplus embryos to put away in a freezer for use at a later date.

The use of fertility medications requires close observation and many ultrasounds. Also the use of fertility drugs increases the odds of multiple gestations, and from complications from multiples and from high estradiol levels and increases the price significantly due to the need for more drugs and more frequent monitoring. For cycles of controlled ovarian stimulation, there are other stimulations that combine fertility pills and injectable gonadotropin medication and lead to good responses to medications with many less ultrasounds and much less drug and cost. We are offering similar stimulations to couples needing IVF.

Mini IVF Cost and Requirements

The cost is $6,500 plus medications. This compares to $9,000 for routine IVF + medications and the latter require much more expensive gonadotropins.

Medication costs for Mini IVF cycles is only about $1,000-$1,500.

Good responders are women age <38; FSH<10, Estradiol <45, AFC > 10 and AMH > 1.0 ng/ml.

We also offer minimal stim EGG FREEZING cycles to help women protect their fertility. Using this protocol, we can keep the price down for women wishing to preserve their fertility.  For $4,600 plus medications, it includes egg freezing.

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