LGBT Family Building Overview

Family Planning for Gay or Lesbian CouplesParenthood is something everyone should be able to achieve. And for over 15 years, The Valley Center for Reproductive Health has been helping gay and lesbian couples and individuals build families through assisted reproductive technologies, surrogacy and egg and sperm donation.

Family Building Options for Lesbian Women

Treatment for lesbian women may be as simple as intrauterine insemination (IUI) with donor sperm. The first step in this process, of course, is a complete workup to identify any issues that may make conception more difficult. If this evaluation uncovers any factors like irregular or absent ovulation, blocked fallopian tubes or decreased ovarian reserve, oral or injectable hormones in combination with IUI or IVF may be indicated.

Lesbian couples also have the option of using IVF to allow one partner donate the eggs and the other to carry the pregnancy. One woman undergoes ovarian stimulation followed by egg retrieval and the other woman has the resultant embryos transferred into her uterus after preparation with hormones.

Donor sperm for both IUI cycles as well as for IVF may be purchased from an anonymous sperm bank or obtained from a known donor.

Family Building Options for Gay Men

Gay men can take advantage of reproductive technology to build their own families using an egg donor, their own sperm and a surrogate. First, we use the intended parent’s sperm to fertilize donor eggs through IVF. We then transfer the embryos into a gestational surrogate, who carries the pregnancy.

Pregnancy rates using anonymous donor eggs and surrogacy are very high because the egg donors are young and the surrogates are specifically chosen for their healthy, proven uterine environment. Although it is most common to choose egg donors and surrogates through an agency, known donors and surrogates may also be used; the chance of pregnancy when using a known donor is dependent on the age of the egg donor.


All potential donors and surrogates must pass a complete medical and psychological examination to ensure they are appropriate candidates. In addition, a reproductive attorney is consulted to ensure smooth transitions throughout the entire process. Although this may seem overwhelming, our doctors and staff are here to help simplify the process and help you every step of the way.

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