duofertility-monitorYou’ve been trying to get pregnant for while, but despite the fact that all of your tests for fertility are normal, nothing’s happening. You’ve tried to assess your ovulation situation using an app, a kit, and even a watch, with no luck yet.

Before you throw the towel in and pursue aggressive treatments, there is hope: the DuoFertility Monitor. This new apparatus that precisely monitors your body’s temperature has been clinically shown to improve pregnancy rates.

HOW IT WORKS: You wear a sensor under your arm like a patch, and it takes numerous temperature readings each day. The information is then sent wirelessly to a reader, which uploads the data to your computer.

Software on your computer then shows your detailed fertility information on a cycle calendar. You can also sign in and add information about your health or sexual activity to this calendar. All of this rich information is then transferred to the company’s Fertility Center, where experts review it all and make suggestions.

WHAT IT DOES: While using temperature as a predictor of ovulation has been a common practice for decades, the DuoFertility Monitor takes measuring body basal temperature to an entirely new level. It relieves you of the stress of having to wake up every day and immediately record your temperature. And thanks to its ability to gather exponentially more data, its predictive power is much more precise. Best of all, you can let the monitor do all the work – the only time you have to lift a finger is to log into the website to see your profile.

HOW EFFECTIVE IS IT? In Great Britain, where the DuoFertility Monitor was initially introduced, it was offered to couples that had been trying for one year but were not eligible in the UK National Health Service to do IVF yet. (In Great Britain, IVF is done after 2-3 years of trying.) For those couples with unexplained infertility that used the DuoFertility Monitor, pregnancy rates after one year of trying “naturally” were almost as high as IVF success rates: about 30% of couples conceived.

IS DUOFERTILITY FOR YOU? While we don’t recommend that you delay a full fertility evaluation, using the DuoFertility Monitor may be synergistic during the early stages of this work-up. If you have been trying for six months, have unexplained infertility, and all of your tests are normal, talk to us about trying DuoFertility. In this case, you may start using it as your begin your evaluation with us or as you are waiting to visit a specialist, such as a reproductive endocrinologist if you are over 35. In fact, DuoFertility may help us learn more about your cycle and potential interventions that may be used to improve it. And you might just get pregnant before resorting to more invasive methods of conception assistance!

CONSIDERATIONS:  Remember, if your fallopian tubes are truly blocked or if there are no sperm or eggs, natural conception may not be feasible and aggressive treatments may be necessary.

For more information, visit DuoFertility’s website, www.Duofertility.com.